Wanga Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX Plus (hire)

  • Single Seat

    Buy Price:$300 / overnight hire
  • Twin Seat

    Buy Price:$500 / overnight hire

Race your friends in this amazing driving game. 

Equipped with a H-shaped 6-speed manual transmission shift lever like the real thing.  Smooth movement and realistic click action, with an aluminium shift knob.  Large diameter steering wheel and adjustable sliding seats, players will feel like they're driving the real thing!  Built in speakers and sub woofer, powerful sound blasts players into the battle driving action!

Various modes -

Story Mode - This is the main mode of this game. The characters from the original comic appear as your rivals. Your mission in this game is to race against these characters and defeat them. "Tuning"(*)is one of the special features of this game. "Tuning" is available only in Story Mode. (*Excluding some cars)

Ghost Versus Battle Mode - When you play Ghost Versus Battle Mode, a "ghost" will be created. You can fight against these "ghosts" in Ghost Versus Battle Mode. The "ghost" drives the same way as the player from which the ghost was created, so when you race against a ghost, you feel like you are racing with a real player. Other features only available in Ghost Battle Mode are "Dress-Up Tuning"(*), where you can change the appearance of your car, and Maxi Coins, which you get according to your Battle Record. (*Excluding some cars)

10 Outrun Mode - In this mode, you have to defeat rivals in succession. You win if you defeat 10 rivals in succession. And if you finish within the set time, it means you have cleared in Gold Time. There are 7 courses in total. Each course has rivals who range from Skill Level 1 to Level 10. The aim of 10 Outrun Mode is to clear every course and every level in Gold Time.

VS Player - If you are playing Story mode, Ghost Versus Battle Mode, 10 Outrun Mode or Time Attack and set the VS mode to "Accept VS challengers", players can challenge you from other game machines.  In this game, you can connect up to 3 game machines, so a total of four 4 players, including you, can race at the same time. If you win, you get an Outrun Star and you can choose the course you want to race on, thanks to the free branching system.

Time Attack - You run alone in the course and compete against the clock.

Please Note:  A delivery fee applies for the hire of one item. Please see our Price List for details.


880mm W x 1630mm D x 2040mm H

per single seat

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